Criminal Defense

Court RoomBeing charged with a criminal offense is very stressful and unsettling time in a person's life. At The Conner Law Firm, we fully understand our client's situation and respond in a timely manner to each client. We will prepare you before your court date so you know what to expect to happen. Our focus is to make this experience as least stressful and unnerving as possible. Our goal is to use our legal experience and knowledge to obtain the best result for our clients.


At The Conner Law Firm, our clients' rights are our primary focus and we will aggressively defend those rights at every stage of the criminal process. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor traffic offense or a felony, we are here to represent and help you through the entire process. We use our courtroom experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to defend our clients' rights. We have experience with:


Traffic Offenses
Drug Crimes
Probation Violations
Juvenile Matters
  Armed Robbery
Credit Card Theft
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Drug Trafficking
Gun Crimes
Hit and Run
Identity Theft
  Indecent Liberties
Protective Order
DMV Hearing
Alcohol offenses


The punishment for criminal offenses depends on two factors, the classification of the crime and the defendant's prior record. Prior convictions effect sentencing differently for misdemeanor and felony cases. Sentencing is very confusing and traumatic to think about. We explain to each client the category of the charge(s) and what to expect at sentencing. With our aggressive representation, we will fight to plead your innocence or if guilty, mitigate your sentence to help you avoid the most severe consequences of a criminal charge.


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