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Your criminal past does not have to haunt your future!


The Law Offices of Conner, Jenkins & Ruth recognizes that one poor decision, however, should not be allowed to prevent you from successfully achieving your goals. We help clients, especially first-time offenders, avoid convictions that become part of your criminal record and can inhibit potential career and educational opportunities, and social relationships. Criminal activity is actually more common that you think. In many cases, after we reach a disposition in a client's case, we are able to apply for an expungement, which allows you to put your past behind you and move forward. If you have received a not guilty or your charge was dismissed, it will still appear on your criminal record. To have that charge removed, you can apply for an expungement.There are several types of expungements allowed under North Carolina law, including:


  • Expungements for charges that were dismissed or for which the defendant was found "Not Guilty", including all related charges that occurred within one year. This expungement includes having your name or photo removed from the Sheriff's website if you were arrested.
  • Expungements for certain drug charges following completion of probation.
  • Expungements for non-violent misdemeanors committed prior to the defendant's 18th birthday for which defendant was found guilty followed by a period with no further criminal convictions.
  • Expunge Record of Undisciplined or Delinquent Juvenile - N.C. Gen. Stat. 7B-3200

    If a person was convicted or pled responsible to or was adjudicated undisciplined or delinquent as a juvenile, this statute provides for the expungement of those records.  The person must wait until their 18th birthday to apply for the expungement, and crimes that would have been class A through E felonies if committed by an adult are not eligible for expungement.  Any subsequent conviction of a misdemeanor or felony would make a person ineligible for expungement under this statute.

    Quick Facts about 7B-3200:

  • Will Other Convictions Disqualify Me? Yes, any felony or misdemeanor conviction, other than minor traffic violations will disqualify a person from being eligible under this statute.
  • Do Previous Expungements Disqualify Me? This statute makes no mention of previous expunctions.  Speak with an attorney if this may concern you.
  • Are there filing fees for this expungement? No.


North Carolina law only allows you one opportunity to clean up a criminal record for school, employment, housing, or military purposes. The expungement process is quite lengthy and takes approximately 12 months for the NC State Bureau of Investigation to review the motion and render a opinion, so contact us today at 704-786-2189 to discuss whether your charge or conviction can be expunged.


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