DMV Restoration Hearings

If you have been charges with a DWI, have received multiple speeding tickets or have paid an out of state ticket that revoked your license in North Carolina, North Carolina may suspend your driving privilege. But before you lose your ability to drive the DMV must provide you with the opportunity for a hearing.


At The Conner Law Firm we provide effective legal representation at these DMV hearings. We recognize that a suspended driver's license can have serious consequences on all aspects of your life. Without a driver's license, you may not be able to get to work or attend to the needs of your family. It is extremely important that you are prepared for this hearing, and if your hearing requires witnesses, it is important that you select the right persons to take with you and that they are prepared for the questions that may be asked by the hearing officer. Contact us today for your free consultation related to the defense for your upcoming DMV hearing.


Here are some reasons that the NC DMV may suspend your license. 

?30 days for going more than 15 mph over the speed limit, if you’re going faster than 55 mph.
?60 days for reckless driving and speeding, or for having a second infraction within a year.
?3 years for watching, betting, loaning a car for or participating in a drag race.

You can also have a revoked license for varying lengths of time for other speeding tickets.


If you have a DWI:
?First DWI: 1 year suspension.
?Second DWI: 4 years suspension.
?Third DWI: Permanent suspension.

License Reinstatement

To get a driver license back:
?Wait until the suspension is over.
?Pay all court-ordered fines and fees.
?Complete any classes the court ordered you to complete and get receipts or proof of completion.
?Schedule an appointment at a North Carolina DMV office.
?Pay $75 after a DWI or $50 after a traffic ticket infraction to the NC DMV.

Medical Suspension

If your drivers license was suspended due to a medical condition:
?Your medical condition will need to be cured or well-controlled. Have your doctor fill out a medical release form stating you’re safe to drive.
?Bring the form to the DMV. No fee for a drivers license reinstatement.


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